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"The work presented here, a 1997 video called I'm home when I'm not, is based on a situation exercise. The lean-structured film reflects on the position of the documentarist, who is both a researcher and a creator. While in England on a fellowship, Szacsva y Pál not only wanted to learn how life goes in the homes of the small community, but also wanted to experience the intimate situation of belonging to the community. Since this is something a foreign student can hardly experience, he chose a difficult and taboo-breaking strategy, when he set out to find locals who would agree, after an encounter on the street or a telephone call, to open the doors of their home before a stranger. On one of the displays we can see a documentary of the organization process, a desparate attempt at communication. Again and again, Szacsva y Pál tries to explain his project, convince others of its interest and innocuousness, and get them to cooperate. In compliance with the rules set by the artist, adventurous locals not only allow a view of their common life for an hour, but also make sure Szacsva y Pál can feel at home. Since passivity is the privilege of the guest, the artist asked to be provided with tasks for the duration of his stay which would make him feel at ease." (excerpt from a text by Edit Molnár, published in the exhibition catalog of the show "Private Matter?", Kunsthalle Budapest, 2005/06)