The Empire’s New Clothes
by Timothy Brennan

Empire and Multitude
by Samir Amin

Gopal Balakrishnan on Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, Empire. Globalization as a new Roman order, awaiting its early Christians.

<nettime> A review of Negri and Hardt's Empire from an anarchist perspective

Anonymous Comrade -- A Critique of Hardt & Negri’s Empire --

"Barbarous" Critique of Hardt & Negri's Empire

The Snake
A Review by Alan Wolfe

Debating Empire (New Left Review Debates)

Hardt & Negri Empire
revised for course use 11/03

Hardt and Negri’s Empire: a new Communist Manifesto or a reformist welcome to neoliberal globalisation?

AUT: Fwd: [multitudes_infos] Critique d'Empire au vitriol par Alexander Bard

Empire strikes out by Tom Lewis in San Francisco Indymedia